apple cinnamon teaApple cinnamon is one of the best examples of a perfect food combination. The taste is very appealing and especially welcoming to anyone who tries it, and when added with sugar and other stuff like raisins and nuts it becomes scrumptiously irresistible. We love it, and those that are really into it, dream about it. From all sorts of desserts like pastries, cereals, to beverages like apple cinnamon herbal tea, they are always received as a welcome treat.

The smell and aroma alone of apple cinnamon means Comfort Food to many, as it brings us back to a happy place, in our mom’s or grandparent’s kitchen, evoking good memories and feelings, reminiscing the warmth and savoring the aroma of freshly baked apple cinnamon pie.


True cinnamon comes from Cinamomum Verum tree that are found in Sri Lanka, but there are many other species that are also available.It is the bark of the cinnamon tree that gives that wonderful flavor and aroma to our food. Cinnamon is also used for savory dishes as spice and condiments but more often we use them for sweets, with sugar and chocolates, pastries, with other fruits and especially with apple.

Our Cup of Tea

It is no wonder why many tea drinkers prefer apple cinnamon herbal teas. It is not only because of the sweet satisfying taste or the pleasure we feel every time we take a sip or even the number of fantastic choices available in the market but there are also the surprising “French” benefits that go with it.

Health Benefits of Apple Cinnamon Tea

1. Lowers your bad cholesterol and helps protect your heart
Research shows that regularly drinking cinnamon tea can help lower your bad cholesterol levels.

2. Has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties
It fights viruses, inhibits the growth of bacteria and combats resistant yeast infection from candida albicans.

3. Has anti-inflammatory properties
It can help lower the potential chronic effects of inflammation.

4. Has more potent anti-oxidants
It contains more potent antioxidant compared to other food with antioxidant properties.  It helps defend us from free radicals and chronic diseases like cancer and heart ailment, diabetes.  And it helps to delay and reduce signs of aging.

5. Helps improve circulation
It helps in increasing blood flow because it has natural blood thinning properties.

6. Helps with the aches and pains of arthritis and rheumatism
It reduces the swelling through its natural soothing effects.

7. Helps in weight loss
It boosts metabolism. Because it contains polyphenol, it can also control appetite and cravings for sweets which contributes to a more stable blood sugar level.

8. Can ward off chills and helps maintain your immunity
Take hot apple cinnamon tea to warm you up against cold during the winter months.

9. Can improve your insulin functions
It helps to control and stabilize your diabetes. It also lowers the risk of having diabetes and heart disease related to diabetes.

10. Good for digestion
It improves stomach, intestine and colon functions and can reduce flatulence with increased fiber.

11. Can help ease pain
Apple cinnamon tea is ideal for menstrual cramps, throbbing headache, migraines, and even muscle pains and soreness from exercise.

12. Filled with manganese, calcium, other minerals and antioxidants
It can help maintain your healthy skin and bones. It can also support a vibrant immune system.

Other Benefits of Apple Cinnamon Tea:

Boost metal and physical energy

Feeling sleepy and lethargic?  A sip of caffeine and a whiff of aroma from your apple cinnamon tea activate your taste buds and olfactory nerves to stimulate brain activity and improve cognitive ability which can lead to increased performance.

Improves mood

The fragrance and aroma of apple cinnamon herbal tea has always had a general positive effect on our brain.

Enhance romance

Hoping for a romantic evening?  Cinnamon is a known aphrodisiac so a stick or two in your meal, dessert and the aroma of a cinnamon herbal tea can surely lead anyone into a romantic mood.

Brands to Check Out

Following are some the the top apple cinnamon tea brands which are currently available in the market.

Celestial Seasonings Apple Cinnamon Tea

Founders of Celestial Seasonings were a group of passionate young entrepreneurs looking to make a difference at the end of the sixties. They want to put emphasis on healthy living so they introduced their brand to the market with its flavorful, all natural ingredients. Fresh herbs planted from the Rocky Mountains are harvested by hand and then meticulously dried before blending them together with other ingredients. Celestial Seasonings Apple Cinnamon Teas are packed in hand-sewn muslin bags before delivered to local health food stores. Celestial Seasonings founders have remained true to their word, which makes it easy to understand how they turned their humble cottage business into a solid industry success.

Everybody just loves Celestial Apple Cinnamon Tea. The full body taste and strong scent of cinnamon over the sweet juice of fresh red apples is always great to drink when you are prepping up for your morning commute to the office, warming yourself up on a cool summer evening or just enjoying life. No matter what season or time it is, nothing beats Celestial Seasonings Apple and Cinnamon Tea.

Lipton Apple Cinnamon Tea

An industry giant that has been established for more than 100 years now, Lipton is one of the finest tea brands that are enjoyed by avid drinkers in over 100 countries around the world. For the past century, Lipton has gathered everything it can learn about tea. It currently offers a refreshing array of tea-based beverages, from leaf tea to tea bags. It certainly takes pride in its heritage but is valiant enough to innovate in a competitive industry where it belongs to.

Lipton Apple Cinnamon Tea is an all-time favorite with just the right sweetness, spice and irresistible flavor. It got its countless customers hooked on its milder apple cinnamon flavor – neither too sweet nor too overwhelming. Lipton knows how to make its brand more endearing to all its avid tea drinkers – providing a refreshing cup of apple cinnamon tea that is both delicious and good for the body.

Harney and Sons Apple Cinnamon Tea

John Harney was the owner of the historic White Hart Inn. He developed a passion for fine teas. He learned and studied the business of the craft so he can keep his commitment to provide the finest quality tea possible to all its customers. After three decades, that commitment still remains as the guiding principle for the company. Harney and Sons Tea is a family-run business with three generations supporting one another in upholding John’s tradition of superb tea – even if it means searching far and wide for the best kind of ingredients.

A nice, likeable smooth fruity flavor with the body of black tea, Harney and Sons Tea has the perfect balance of sweetness and kick. The flavor and smell of apple is prominent but desirable with a hint of cinnamon.

Adagio Teas Rooibos Cinnamon Apple Tea

In 1999 a moment of inspiration gave birth to a family business.  Like most success stories in America it started in a basement.  Driven by the desire of knowing that they can share something with others and with the sense of ingenuity and entrepreneurship they were able to quickly build up their business and established themselves as one of a rising star in this competitive tea market.

It is tasty and healthy with a distinct blend on each brew that could be surprisingly noticeable to a discriminating palate. The apple flavor runs throughout the different ranges of strength from mild to strong. The presence of cinnamon is generally mild with sudden bursts of flavor in some instances. The sweetness is generally mild and just right for people looking to enjoy a healthy cup of tea.