best teas in the worldHerbal tea is more than just a flavorful concoction. This comforting beverage does more than to satisfy your cravings for something sweet and savory. It is jam-packed with powerful antioxidants and healthy goodies that can make you look and feel better – from the inside out! This is a super-drink that goes beyond what super-foods and expensive supplements can do to you – without the heavy price tag!

Did you know that people who drink at least two cups of tea everyday are less likely to develop LDL or bad cholesterol? If ever they experienced a heart attack, they can recover faster than those who don’t include herbal tea in their daily diet. But that’s not all.

All those flavonoids within a bag of tea can do all of the following:

  • Improve skin complexion and protect from skin-related infections and diseases
  • Block allergic response and improve overall allergy tolerance of the body
  • Boost metabolism to hasten weight loss
  • Delay the growth of tumors
  • Minimize the risk of having diabetes
  • Protect against Parkinson’s disease and atherosclerosis, particularly coronary artery disease

A List Of Best Teas In The World

Isn’t tea totally terrific? So if you’re not yet a tea convert, here’s a list of the top ten best teas in the world that would have you give up your caffeine addiction in a jiffy.

Matcha Green Tea Powder – ORGANIC

It’s chock-full of potent antioxidants, 137 times more than what you get from a brewed green tea. Ordinary herbal teas are only good enough for your hot cuppa. But this teabag can add a little twist to your cupcakes and other baked goodies. Use it for your favorite smoothie or latte and you got yourself a guilt-free healthy beverage.

 Bigelow Green Tea Classic

Founder Ruth Campbell Bigelow’s ultimate goal is to create the best tea in the world. They only use hand-picked teas combined with real herbs and spices. That is why you got a classic favorite among tea lovers young and old. One Amazon customer raved about its aromatic and delicious flavor that he’s worried FDA would classify it as a ‘controlled substance. Try it and you’ll prove that it is ‘unadulterated harmony’.

 PG Tips Black Tea

England’s number one tea is taking the world by storm. Harvested from Ceylon-grown tea, you can be sure of its premium taste because it’s taken from the most flavorful bud and the top two leaves of the Kenyan tea plant. Folks in the UK say it’s one of the best teas in the world – and you have to take the word of this tea-loving nation. According to one customer, it’s a ‘great cuppa’ that gives the best value for your money.

 Taylors Of Harrogate, Yorkshire Gold Tea

This is definitely one of the best teas in the world which has a malty flavor with a full-bodied and distinctive taste – and this fits the bill exactly! Most British people often complain about the quality of tea in the US but this teabag surely wins their two-thumbs up approval! So whether you are a full-pledged English chap or a staunchly American fellow, you’ll both agree that this is a tea that is cut above the rest.

 Yogi Bedtime Tea

The perfect combination of different herbs and spices such as passionflower, Valerian, cinnamon, chamomile, cardamom and liquorice – 100% natural, no preservatives and no GMO – would make this teabag a contender for the best tea in the world title. It comes with an expiration date so you would know that it really wants to preserve the freshness and quality of the tea. Moreover, it provides warning information about prescription drugs, MAO inhibitors or other food supplements you should not be taking together with this teabag – good to know the company has genuine concern about the overall well-being of the consumer and not just their fast consumption of this product

 Kirkland Signature Green Tea Matcha Blend

Tea lovers who want to keep their vision clear and their immune system in tiptop shape might want to consider this teabag. Made with Sencha green tea, it is jam-packed with powerful antioxidants to deliver its healthy promises. And knowing that it came from the lush tea plantations in Japan where only the excellent tea-making tradition is upheld, it is no doubt one of the best teas in the world. Its smooth and sweet taste makes it easy to give your five-star rating.

 Davidson’s Organic South African Rooibos Tea

What do you make of a teabag made from 100% Organic South African Rooibos? According to several reviewers, you get a crisp and flavorful goodness that comes with a bag of healthy goodies such as limiting the effect of free radicals in the body and supplementing fluoride for strong bones and teeth. Since this Rooibos organic tea has no caffeine, it is perfect for people suffering from any form of sleep disorder.

 Stash Premium Green Tea

This teabag comes from the Brazilian tea gardens and offers a nutty tasty flavor that does not overpower the senses. But one Amazon customer thinks that it is not as robust as other brands like the Tazo Zen Green Tea. Still, this Japanese-inspired Sencha green tea is a must-try if you want to start your day right with an all-natural healthy beverage. Other flavors from this brand are chamomile, mangosteen green, Double Bergamont Earl Grey, acai berry and lemon ginger.

 Harney And Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Black Tea

Kosher tea anyone? This is Harney and Sons most popular teabag simply because of the brilliant combination of ingredients that satisfy your palate and soothe your senses. They are mighty proud to say that their patrons are head over heels in love about this teabag but some customers beg to differ. They say that it has a nice flavor but not strong enough to make a decent cuppa. Some even don’t like the lingering aftertaste it brings though the cinnamon stands out among all the other flavors.

 Twinings English Breakfast Tea

If you want to indulge in one of the best black tea in the world, choose this teabag from Twinings – the tea standard for traditional quality tea. This English breakfast tea is a satisfying blend of select Assam and Kenyan black teas for a robust and invigorating taste. It’s great alone or can be taken with sugar. It gives you that caffeine rush you need to jump-start your day – without the side effects you get from coffee!

 Numi Organic Moroccan Mint Herbal Tea

Hailing from North Africa, this ‘nana mint’ tea could be your bet for the best tea in the world – light and lively, soothing and refreshing, made from quality organic ingredients that have no GMO, and picked from fair labor gardens – what more can you ask for? Moroccan Mint would have you at hello but you’ve got to try other inspiring flavors such as Honeybush, Rooibos, White Tea and Gunpowder Green. Some customers even loved the fact that it tastes as fresh and delicious even when you left the teabag for too long on the cup – even calms a complaining stomach in a jiffy.


When it’s Gyokuro, you’d know that the tea leaves inside its bag are really pampered prior to harvesting – no grinding, protected from the sun two weeks before they are packed – which ensures that there are more amino acids in the leaves. It is what gives it that distinct aroma plus that all-natural sweetness. Don’t gasp yet when you see the price – because that complex and luscious blend is worth it.