If you are in a hunt for more fun and exciting tastes for green tea flavors to satisfy your taste buds, or if you are a fan of the classic Good Earth Green Tea flavors, you will be in for a happy surprise when you encounter the latest Good Earth Green Tea product that combines the classic and the new. You will have the best of both – the time and tested Good Earth Green Tea flavors blending with the latest trend, with exotic ingredients, that bring out new and wildly exciting taste and flavors.

Green Tea for Wellness

Green tea comes from Camellia sinensis leaves. Good Earth Green Tea has specialized in carefully handling these leaves so no oxidation occurs, producing low-caffeine, green-hued tea mixes that are great both for your taste buds and a healthy lifestyle. All Good Earth Teas have less than 5 calories with less than 1 gram of fat. The small amount of calories comes from the herbs, essential oils and flavors used to create the special mixes. In addition to is richness in antioxidants, tea is also associated with catechins and other ingredients linked with disease prevention.

There are other health benefits of tea such as help in digestion and prevent cold etc.

Green Tea Consumption

While majority of U.S. tea drinkers consume black tea, green tea consumption has doubled in recent years owing to the increasing popularity of the health and wellness attributed to tea drinking by Millennials and Baby Boomers alike. Women comprise the majority of regular tea drinkers, but young tea drinkers and men are increasingly drawn to imbibe tea, in more casual settings. Celebrities are riding the bandwagon by offering their own tea lines.

Tea is consumed more often in the late afternoon or during the dinner hour. Well over 85% of American tea drinking is iced.

Good Earth Green Tea Heritage

The Colonists from England brought their love for tea to America, but tea drinking fell markedly after the American Revolution.

In 1972, the Fmali herbal tea company was established in California. In the late 70s they developed teas for Good Earth restaurant, that started Good Earth Tea in tea bags, and later produced their sweet and spice signature blend which became very popular.

The company has since been continuously evolving and developing wide range of teas including all the classic Good Earth Green Tea flavors made with natural ingredients and all sorts of herbs, plants and flavors.

In 2005, Good Earth was acquired by Tetley US Holding Limited, a subsidiary of Tata Global beverages. In 2013, Good Earth diversified and re-branded in keeping up with the competitive tea market, growing customers demand and the longing for new and exciting products. The new line of special and unique exciting “Untamed Tea” brand message was introduced.

good earth green teaKeeping things in line with the forty year tradition, Good Earth Green Tea now brings in new, innovative, exotic rich, delicious, flavorful healthy teas from around the world to enjoy and savor, the way Good Earth first brought the sweet and spicy signature blend. Good Earth Green Tea brings to you wonderful and exciting new flavors of teas which also include the special, enhanced, untamed, re-branded classic Good Earth Green Tea flavors.

People will love them the way they loved all the old classic Good Earth Green Tea flavors because the company put in the same high quality standard, and high regard by meticulously blending and choosing ingredients to come up with right products that the Good Earth name can be proud of.

Reintroducing Our Classic Good Earth Green Tea Flavors

The happy encounter of the traditional flavors and the new exciting tastes brings to you three Good Earth Green Tea flavors that combine the popular with the bold, giving your palates the familiar tastes of the earthy goodness but with a touch of freshness that springs forth new visions of good earth.

Good Earth Green Tea Lemongrass

Premium green tea that is steamed and subtly blended with citrus lemongrass, rose petals and hints of peppermint for a palate-cleansing smooth taste. If you want a soft sweet tea that would soothe upset tummies, this variant will do the job marvelously. This classic variant started many tea drinkers’ love affair with lemongrass herbal teas. There is even a Facebook page devoted to a call to ‘Bring Back Good Earth Green Tea Lemongrass’.

This flavor is reintroduced as the new and improved Good Earth Citrus Kiss Green Tea, a great blend of green tea, lemongrass and citrus flavors with rose petals, sweet black berry leaf, chamomile, peppermint and lemon myrtle. It also contains steviol glycosides (stevia). There are no artificial flavors, color nor preservatives. It is kosher certified and gluten free. Citrus Kiss is lower in caffeine for an 8 oz cup compared to an 8 oz cup of coffee.

Good Earth Decaf Green Tea Lemongrass

The true essence of green tea and lemongrass minus the caffeine is evident in this flavorful yet mild tea variant. Good Earth uses a natural CO2 process that removes caffeine while leaving most of the antioxidants intact, allowing the decaf version to keep the goodness. And because it does not bear the more delicate flavor of a real Japanese green tea, it is great as an everyday tea – perfect for giving you that healthy dose of energy in the morning before rushing to the office or for calming your frayed nerves at the end of day.

This flavor is reintroduced as the wonderful new Good Earth Citrus Kiss Decaffeinated Green Tea, with all the earthy goodness of decaffeinated premium green tea. Ingredients such as lemongrass, chamomile, rose petals, lemon myrtle and sweet blackberry leaf as well as citric acid and steviol glycosides (stevia) are distinctly combined to achieve the citrusy sweetness it is known for. Its all natural flavors as well as kosher certified and gluten free ingredients make for a calming, smooth taste for the palate. It would definitely give you that wake-me up lifting sensation that would positively invigorate you.

Super Green Tea Matcha, Sencha & Orange

This is a premium green tea with a delightful flavor of citrus and blended with antioxidant rich Japanese matcha and sencha teas that provides 70% more antioxidants compared to the standard green tea.

This flavor is reintroduced by the special and unique Good Earth Matcha Maker Green Tea, a generous delightful blend of the healthy and amazing taste of green tea, the goodness of matcha and an explosion of citrus flavors spiced with ginger root, licorice root, chamomile, orange peel and lime oil. There is also citric acid, steviol glycosides (stevia) but without any artificial flavoring, color or preservatives. It is also kosher certified and gluten free. The wonderful bouquet-like aroma will instantly fill the air, making it a very satisfying morning drink or even a soothing nightcap. Excellent decaf green teas are hard to come by which makes this variant an ideal alternative for people who want to steer clear from coffee.

Directions for Best Results

  • Hot tea: For a lavish cup of tea, pour out the near boiling water on the tea bag, let the scrumptious flavors infuse for 3 minutes then slowly sip and enjoy.
  • Iced tea: Pour 2 cups of fresh near boiling water over 6 tea bags and steep for 8 – 10 minutes. Add 2 cups of cold water before serving on ice, store in cool dry place.