Do you know that tea is the best beverage to rehydrate or even to quench your thirst because it promotes good health?  Tea is known to have antioxidants, thus, it is a healthy habit to choose drinking tea over any other beverages. Discover one that will be your favorite all the time, PG Tips Black Tea.

Considered as the eighth wonder of the world, mainly because of its unique pyramid bags, PG Tips Black Tea can be your cup of tea (pun intended), easily prepared either by traditional brewing or instantly infused by steeping in freshly boiled water. Voila, you have a ready to drink healthy tea!

Healthy Preference

pg tips black tea reviewPG Tips Black Tea contains ingredients that are rich in flavonoids.  These antioxidants fortify the body by enhancing its immune system to prevent cancer and other dreaded diseases. Research discovered that drinking black tea fights obesity, relieves stress, prevents cardiovascular diseases, and helps in proper digestion.  The latter benefit is in fact what gave PG  Tea its name, PG the shortened “Pre-gest-Tee” because it had been acknowledged before that the very first PG Tips Black Tea aids in good digestion when drank before eating.

Cold Reliever

A cuppa tea is perfect to relieve colds when taken while scalding hot; just be careful in sipping the liquid.  It is quite heartwarming to drink tea with cheese toasts, biscuits or scones while recovering from common colds.

PG Re-hydrates

Moreover, drinking PG Tips Tea can help to keep your body re-hydrated. Ideally, one should drink two liters of water to keep up with the body’s demands as it is 70% H2O.  By being properly hydrated, one can prevent dehydration which results to headaches and fatigue especially during warm weather and when engaging in laborious or energetic activities.

PG Mood Upper

Drinking PG Tips Black Tea gives even more wonderful health benefits when it is especially enjoyed with a company of good friends or just when plainly socializing. These social occasions are necessary human interactions that lifts up the spirit, inspires fruitful conversation and creates favorable mood naturally when done while sipping freshly prepared PG black tea.

English Beginnings

It all began in Manchester England in 1859, when Arthur Brooke – a trader of tea, coffee and sugar – established Brooke Bond and Company.

From these early beginnings, “Pro-gest-Tea” or “Pro-gest-Tee” was launched in the United Kingdom in 1930 and was commercially available as loose leaf tea. However, since it was easier for salesmen to call the tea by a shorter name, it became commonly known by its abbreviated name, PG Tea.  Eventually, the term “tips” was added to give emphasis to the fact that in making the product, only the two top leaves and the bud of the tea plant, harvested from Ceylon (the modern day Sri Lanka) and Kenya, are used as flavorful ingredient.  The high standard and extra care in choosing the ingredient ensures that PG Tips Tea is a tea of the highest quality, making it the tea one could healthily and proudly enjoy.

Royal Preference

In the 1980’s, PG rose to new heights when Prince Edward was photographed taking a packet of PG Tips on his way to work. Having been the most popular and best known tea in the UK for more than 75 years, PG Tips Tea is now acclaimed as England’s no. 1 tea, being produced and marketed by Unilever.

Exquisite Flavor and Aroma

Having a flavor stronger than most Indian and African teas, PG Tips Black Tea has a robust taste suited for that English breakfast style, and any time of the day. You may opt to have it with some milk, honey, sugar or lemon. Or you can just have it plain and simple – savoring its full pure flavor and aroma.  For variety, it is also lovely for you to drink it with freshly baked scones or biscuits.

Steeping the bag for 1-3 minutes in hot, freshly boiled water will do the trick for one to enjoy PG Black Tea’s flavor. A helpful reminder in making your tea is to use freshly boiled water, meaning, never to re-boil or boil water twice.  You need oxygen to release the full rich flavor of the tea and boiling the water again removes the oxygen and makes the water acidic, therefore, affecting the taste of the blend.

An excellent mug of tea is a good companion not only to rehydrate during warm climates and active seasons, but also to keep warm and cozy during cold weathers and to keep awake cramming for exams. It is also one of the best-kept English morning rituals.

PG Tips Black Tea Pyramid Bag

PG tea bags used to be just like any ordinary tea bag. However, with the concern for more convenience and augment benefit, a unique innovation was adopted. In 1996, PG Tips tea started to be encased in tetrahedron shaped bags, patented and branded as Pyramid Bags.

The PG Tips’ pyramid tea bag is made of free-flow material, providing more space for the tea inside to move around more freely while steeping or brewing in water, thus bringing out its optimum natural flavor. Using PG Tips tea bag results to the more efficient release of full flavor and fresh taste in a shorter brewing or steeping time.

The pyramid bag, the process of making it and the machines to be used are patented by Unilever with the help of Molins Technologies. Following the invention of the pyramid bags is the design and development of the manufacturing process for this innovative packaging which includes fast high-speed tea bag machine and “caddy carton” equipment. This manufacturing process was recognized as one of the top 100 global inventions of the last 100 years in the British Library Book, “Inventing the 10th Century”.

Family and T-Birds

Since the 1950’s, PG Tips aired television advertisements of the Tipps Family, using live chimpanzees acting out as humans. Voices were provided by celebrities like Peter Sellers and Bob Monkhouse. The publicity blitz contributed for the company’s ranking first place in the UK market.

In the 1970’s, however, such advertisements were discontinued due to animal rights complaints.  As a natural consequence, sales were reduced; thus, the advertisements needed to come back.  The last of the Tipps family ads was broadcasted in 2003, triggering a demand for memorabilia. By the way, the chimpanzees made it to the Guinness Book of Records as the longest running advertising campaign.

Replacing the Tipps family were the T-birds, an animation of birds filmed by stop-motion photography (Claymation).  The T-birds ads ran until 2006.

Unilever held several campaigns in marketing the tea and even won awards doing so but best of all, with all these, PG Tips is still the leading brand of tea in the UK.

Refreshing Package

You can find PG Tips attractively showcased in boxes with pretty, fresh-looking picture of green leaves against the blue and white skyline.

Variants to Choose From

To meet the craving for tea at different times of the day and to adjust to the changing taste of tea drinkers, PG Tips usually comes out with multiple variants – from decaffeinated or decaf to premium as well as Special Moments range.

The variants under the Premium Range are: The Fresh One, The Strong One, The Mellow One known before as The Evening One and The Rich One, which is the newest variant under the premium range.