Since its discovery in 2737 BC in China, green tea has become a favorite beverage the all over the world. What began then as a simple medicinal concoction is now considered by researchers and physicians as the healthiest drink in the world. But with the huge variety of green tea products available in most stores and specialty shops, the question we face is: how do we pick a great tasting green tea among all these brands? To help you avoid a hit and miss process in choosing teas, allow us to recommend two exceptional (and organic) green tea products we’re sure you’ll enjoy: the Stash Premium Green Tea and the Stash Chai Green Tea.

But Why Go Green?

Most people the world over favor the stronger tasting black tea. For them, green tea just doesn’t seem too appetizing. But with recent medical research showing just how healthy this drink can be, more and more people are drinking–and enjoying–green tea.

Generally, all teas–black or green–promote your good health: drinking tea regularly helps the body defend against cardiovascular diseases. But between the two, green tea provides more health benefits because it has a greater amount of antioxidants called catechins. These catechins help the body resist cell damage.

Green tea has also been found to enhance blood circulation, decrease cholesterol levels, and aid the immune system in stopping plaques from accumulating in the brain. Plaques in the brain have been tied to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

But that’s not all. Green tea helps people with diabetes by maintaining their sugar level. And because it has been shown to enhance the growth of healthy cells, it might aid the body in fighting against cancer.

So, as someone observed, green tea is probably the healthiest drink you can ever have.

The Secret Is In the Processing

What is it about green tea that makes it so healthy? The answer: it’s in the way green tea is processed.

Black tea is created by drying tea leaves with the use of heat. This process stops the wilting tea leaves from mixing with oxygen (also known as oxidation), but it also removes a lot of catechins and other beneficial compounds from the final product. Green tea is processed in such a way that the natural taste, aroma and color of the leaves are maintained.

One advantage the Stash Tea Company has in producing its green tea products is the fact that it was bought by the Japanese firm Yamamotoyama Tea Company in 1993. Yamamotoyama brought its expertise in producing fine green teas and incorporated it in Stash Tea Company’s production process.

For its green tea products, Stash Tea Company uses traditional Japanese techniques to ensure that the high quality of the green tea leaves is maintained. Another benefit of using this time-honed process is that the natural health-giving benefit of green tea is also preserved. And having these qualities in a tea product means that you get to enjoy a flavorful and healthy cup of green tea.

So why go green? Because of these two types of teas, green tea provides more health benefits. A word of caution: although drinking green tea regularly will help keep your body healthy, your health will ultimately be maintained by eating a balanced diet, keeping healthy habits, giving up smoking, and exercising regularly.

However, if all green tea had going for it was the health benefits it provides, it wouldn’t be too popular if it didn’t actually taste good. And if you were to go by some consumer reviews on the internet, you might be tempted to think that green tea isn’t worth drinking at all.

That’s the point of difference of Stash Premium Green Tea. It actually tastes good.

Stash Premium Green Tea

stash premium green teaHow do you go about making a great, premium green tea? First, pick only the finest green tea leaves that have been lovingly and organically grown on lush Brazilian slopes. Blend the choice leaves according to the time-honored Japanese methods of making excellent tea. The result is the Stash Premium Green Tea.

Steep a bag of Stash Premium Green Tea in a cup. You’ll see it turn to a clear, golden brew–with just a touch of green–producing a subdued, sweet aroma. Allow the tea to brew for three to four minutes. Take a sip and experience the delicate, lightly sweet, refreshing herbal and nutty taste. Perfect.

You can enjoy Stash green tea any time of the day. Enjoy it with breakfast. A cup after a good lunch will soothe you. Sipping it while you’re hard at work keeps you alert. A teacupful at night is a wonderful way to relax.

The best thing about Stash Premium Green Tea is that it is completely natural, produced and packed without a single gram of synthetic additives that might harm your body. To provide you with completely organic products, the Stash Tea Company had its entire production process scrutinized by Quality Assurance International (QAI), a world renowned organization that certifies whether products are organic or not. QAI examined everything: the Stash Tea Company farm grounds in Brazil; the growers and how they tended the tea bushes; the harvesting procedures; the buildings and equipment; and the whole production and packing process. Their conclusion? QAI certified that the Stash Tea Company’s products are indeed organic.

This means that each cup of Stash Premium Green Tea you enjoy has not been tainted with artificial or harmful substances that could adversely affect your health. And that’s a perfectly good reason to go green.

Stash Chai Green Tea

And when you are in the mood for something different – but delicious and healthy – then try the Stash Chai Green Tea.

Chai is a tea drink that originated from India; in fact, it is the Indians’ favorite drink. The tradition way to make it is by mixing very concentrated Assam black tea with milk and spices. Sometimes peppercorns, red chili and star anise are added for that extra kick. The mixture is then boiled. Before serving, honey or sugar is added to the chai for sweetness. The result is a delicious and refreshing drink: a sweet, smooth, spicy tea.

Stash Chai Green Tea makes chai even better by using the healthier Chinese green tea leaves and mixing it with choice spices: cardamom, cinnamon, ginger root, sarsaparilla and whole cloves. Add sugar and milk and enjoy.

If you enjoy the traditional chai, you might find this blend milder in flavor because of the green tea leaves used, but you will enjoy how well the flavors go together. This is a fun flavored tea you can savor any time of the day.

It All Boils Down To This

Green tea is said to be the healthiest drink in the world. Even doctors agree with that statement. That should be enough for us to start drinking green tea, right? But we all know we won’t drink something regularly if it doesn’t taste good to us.

With Stash Premium Green Tea and Stash Chai Green Tea, we get the best of both worlds. The many health benefits of green tea, and a taste we can enjoy time and time again.