Almost everyone who drinks tea has his or her own personal favorite. Some people like to drink it in its most natural form, although even they have their favorites among the general tea categories of white tea, green tea, black tea and oolong tea, which all come from the same plant. However, other tea drinkers do not care for the sometimes bitter taste of tea and prefer to flavor their tea to make it more palatable. As with unflavored tea, it seems that everyone has his or her own favorite, but here is a list of the top ten best tea flavors and why they are so popular. This most popular tea flavors list is not in any particular order.


Mint Tea

mint tea best tea flavorsThis makes the list of top tea flavors because it is not only a preferred tea among flavored tea drinkers, but it is also a caffeine free beverage options for people who want to avoid that stimulant. For instance, combining peppermint with lemonbalm and fennel makes a sweet tea that sooths an upset stomach. Peppermint is the most popular mint tea in the United States but spearmint isn’t far behind thanks to its mellower flavor

Rose Tea

rose tea flavorThis is one of the best tea flavors that people drink in the afternoon. It is a black tea infused with rose petals, making it a very romantic type of beverage. The flavor is slightly tart, but it is also refreshing. It provides a nice contrast when paired with sweet treats such as strawberry shortcake and shortbread. While tea leaves and flowers are often removed from the liquid before it is consumed, rose petals can sometimes remain in the tea for decorative purposes.

Ginger Tea

ginger teaAs with most herbal teas, ginger tea is naturally caffeine free and has a flavor that is often described as “pleasantly spicy.” Its pungent aroma is often enticing on a cold winter day, as ginger is frequently associated with the comforts of home, particularly through the holidays. One reason why ginger tea makes the top tea flavors list is because it has long been praised for its high concentrations of several minerals and vitamins, including magnesium and vitamin C.

Peach Tea

Peach teaPeach tea easily makes the top ten best tea flavors list, as it is one of the most popular flavored teas in the world. It is consumed both hot and cold, and is ideal for a spring or summer morning or early afternoon. The naturally sweet fruit makes normally bitter teas refreshing and light. There is usually no need to add sugar to peach tea to make it more palatable.

Lavender Tea

lavender teaOften reserved as an afternoon tea, lavender tea is a top tea flavor that is mostly known for its calming properties. This highly aromatic tea has a slightly sweet taste that is light and refreshing. It is best paired with scones, shortbread cookies or petit fours. Lavender helps relieve insomnia, fatigue, headache and stress.

Jasmine Tea

jasmine tea flavorThis delicate floral tea is one of the top tea flavors because it not only tastes great, but is also known for its anti-aging properties. Jasmine tea, which is often consumed in the afternoon because of its light and refreshing flavor, can help protect cells from the damage of free radicals in the body. It has also been used to help people lose weight because they don’t have to add sugar to this naturally sweet beverage.

Cinnamon Tea

cinnamon tea flavorThis tea is spicy and fragrant, perfect for a cool fall or bitter cold winter day. Its rich flavor is one of the best tea flavors because people associate it with comfort and warmth. Cinnamon tea is an excellent choice for people who suffer from indigestion, blood circulation conditions, heart disease and even diabetes. It is packed with antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals that are excellent for health.

Lemon Tea

lemon tea flavorAnother one of the best tea flavors because of its refreshing and light flavor and aroma, lemon tea is an extremely popular drink in many parts of the world. It is usually made from green or black tea and sometimes has to be tempered with sugar to cut the tartness of the lemon. This type of tea is often consumed in the morning because it is invigorating after a long night’s sleep. As with other teas, it has medicinal properties, such as reducing cold and flu symptoms, fighting cancer and decreasing swelling.

Chocolate tea

chocolate teaAnother tea that is perfect for fall and winter, chocolate tea is ideal for cold evenings by the fireplace. Usually reserved for after dinner as a dessert tea, this makes the top ten best tea flavors because of its sweet taste and creamy texture. Chocolate tea is usually made from green tea, thereby including all of the medicinal and health properties associated with that variety of tea.

Earl Gray Tea

This top tea flavor is the most well-known flavored black tea in the world. It has a citrusy flavor that is derived from an orange-like fruit known as bergamot. Its taste is often described as refreshing, bold and bright. This tea is popular as a morning beverage, but its refreshing flavor also pairs well with afternoon treat such as shortbread cookies, lavender cookies, Madeline cakes and scones. Jammed packed with antioxidants, Earl Gray tea is excellent for reducing the signs of aging.

 Making Best Tea Flavors

When making one of these best tea flavors, it is important to follow specific steps to make sure the final product is as flavorful as possible. Loose tea leaves are far better than bagged teas because the water is able to flow more easily. Clean water without chlorine or other chemicals should be heated in a high quality tea kettle. After the water is hot, the leaves should be placed in a lead-free ceramic or glass teapot. The hot water should be poured over the leaves and allowed to steep for up to seven minutes for black tea and five minutes for green tea. During the steeping phase, sugar or honey can be added to the tea for extra sweetness. Once the tea has been properly steeped, it should be poured into a teacup and enjoyed.