Triple Leaf Detox Tea ReviewWe live in an age where science has made it possible for us to prevent or cure many of our diseases as well as provide us a range of practical and affordable options to ensure longevity of life. And yet, many people take for granted these easily-accessible health solutions. We don’t eat right. We barely have enough sleep. We hate exercise. We work too much and too hard. Good thing that among all the detoxifying products available in the market these days, there is one that stands out: the Triple Leaf Detox Tea.

 The Remarkable Difference

The Triple Leaf Detox Tea is manufactured using different types of Chinese herbs commonly used in traditional detoxifying processes and activities. But instead of using actual tea leaves, the this tea just combines the infusion of various herbs, most specifically chosen because of their special properties.

 The Triple Leaf Tea Detox Background

The Chinese are famed for using herbs as toxin cleansers. They believe that different herbs have their own potent ingredients that help in supporting the optimum functions of major body organs including the kidneys, liver, the lungs and even the blood.

The Triple Leaf Detox Tea is created using more than twenty powerful Chinese purifying herbs that are known to do the following: increase the energy flow (chi) to the mind and body, revitalize skin to make it clearer and healthier, as well as to increase more peaceful and calmer emotions.

Since 2500 B.C., the Chinese have been utilizing the many wonderful benefits of triple leaf tea detox to minimize the harmful effects of junk food, caffeine, smoke and other environmental pollutants that we are exposed to. This practice has been part of their daily regime, to ensure that the body would perform to its optimum performance and encourage its self-healing mechanisms during onsets of illnesses and diseases.

The western world has finally caught up with the daily purification and periodic cleaning activities of the Chinese. To maintain balance and harmony inside the body, the Chinese system of herb-making and usage have been developed to come up with a product that can be enjoyed as a refreshing beverage while acting as a detoxifier of the body. A Chinese-American family business is responsible for making traditional Chinese herbal formulas, including the Triple Leaf Detox Tea.

 List of Ingredients

Here is a list of Triple Leaf Detox Tea ingredients including their specific antioxidant and/or detoxifying properties:

  • Red Clover – rich in isoflavones that minimize the effects of PMS and the risk of developing osteoporosis, lower cholesterol, improve blood circulation and urine production, and block prostate cancer producing enzymes for men
  • Dandelion – for detoxification, appetite stimulant, mild laxative, cleanser for the digestive system
  • Ginger – minimizes side effects of motion sickness and dizziness, cures dandruff, lowers cholesterol, decreases muscle pain and migraine
  • Schizandra – longevity herb, cleanses liver, makes skin clearer and brighter, increases brain activity, boosts immune system, improves stamina, combats stress
  • Fo-Ti – rejuvenates endocrine glands, brain cells and nerves; detoxifies body; boosts immune system; increases sexual vigor; minimizes chances of developing high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and nerve damage
  • Burdock – kills germs, purifies blood, increases urine flow, reduces fever, treats gastrointestinal problems, improves skin complexion
  • Chinese Licorice – treats cough, colds and flu; detoxifies the body, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; treats tooth decay, canker sores and gingivitis; lowers the acid level in the stomach
  • Lysimachia – helps in breaking up gall stones and urinary stones
  • Loranthus – lowers blood pressure, suppresses tumor growth, improves blood flow, protects liver and kidneys
  • Japanese Honeysuckle – treats skin irritations, rheumatism, hepatitis and respiratory problems
  • Siler – relieves headache, cramps and body aches; minimizes internal bleeding and bouts of epilepsy
  • Tokyo Violet – relieves sores and eliminates toxins
  • Chinese Mint – improves eyesight, soothes sore throat, relieves headache and chest discomfort
  • Chinese Cinnamon – prevents diarrhea, menstrual problems and nausea; treats hernia, menstrual problems, and high blood pressure
  • Lopatherum – removes reactive cell species that contribute to aging, supplies antioxidant enzymes, improves memory as well as body’s resistance to fatigue and stress
  • Pulsatilla – treats painful conditions of the male reproductive system; relieves headaches and prevents insomnia, treats gastrointestinal disorders
  • Duckweed – treats fever, itching and edema
  • White Mulberry – helps treat diabetes, high cholesterol levels and common cold; soothes headaches, muscle and joint pain as well as dizziness and hair loss
  • Isatis – treats common cold, hepatitis and skin diseases
  • Perilla – antidote for food poisoning, anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory
  • Phellodendron – used for weight loss, stomach ulcers and psoriasis


  • Cleans digestive system
  • Detoxifies your system
  • Improves overall health
  • Encourage rapid weight loss
  • Helps improve immune system
  • Improves your mood
  • Clearer and brighter skin
  • Increased energy
  • Informative official website
  • Inexpensive tea bags


  • Neutral taste/Not too strong
  • Very little, if there’s any, proof that the herbs contribute to weight loss
  • Slight difficulty in online purchasing process
  • Cannot be used by pregnant, lactating and nursing women

 When to Drink Triple Leaf Detox Tea

The best time of the day to drink Triple Leaf Detox Tea is in the morning after your regular exercise routine and before bedtime. You might be surprised that it is recommended as a late night beverage. But since it contains little or no caffeine at all, it won’t disrupt your regular sleeping habits. It is not advisable to drink during midday, especially when you are at work or in transit. One of its main functions is to assist your liver and kidneys to filter out toxins and unnecessary elements in your body; thus, it may increase your bathroom visits.

This detox tea is highly recommended for athletes because it contains potassium and magnesium as well as sodium and chloride – ingredients you would find in a very popular energy drink. Drinking the Triple Leaf Detox Tea instead of artificially-flavored beverages would provide you more healthful benefits.

What People Say

The general Triple Leaf Tea reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Some users swear to its powerful properties to improve the complexion and texture of their skin while others love the Triple Leaf Tea detox capabilities. A particular tea drinker is intoxicated by its super delicious taste plus the fact that it helps in shedding water weight more quickly. And if you want a great deal for your money, the Triple Leaf Detox Tea is such a value at six boxes for less than twenty dollars!