Yorkshire Gold Tea is a product of the Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate, a company founded in 1886 in Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. Originally, Taylors sold the Yorkshire tea until Betty’s took over it, hence the name of the brand. Right now, it remains as one of the few family tea and coffee merchants in the United Kingdom.

CE Taylor & Co. was founded by sons of a pea dealer in Yorkshire, Charles Edward Taylor and his brother Llewellyn. Their training came from the prestigious Ashby’s of London. After considerable experience, they began buying their teas from auctions. Charles later on opened ‘kiosk’ tea tasting rooms in order to expand the business.

Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold Tea is just one of the excellent products that this company is proud to offer to the tea-loving public. There is also the Original Yorkshire Tea, the Yorkshire Tea for Hard Water, the Yorkshire Seasonal and the Decaffeinated Yorkshire, among others. The company is currently extending the influence of its brand to many countries around the world by also offering a range of cakes, fruit loaves and biscuits to complement the high quality flavor of its drinking tea.

Picked From Top Tea Gardens

Yorkshire Gold TeaThe Yorkshire Gold Tea, like all the other teas of Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate, are imported from tea gardens in Kenya, Sri Lanka and Assam. Assam in north eastern India is where the best tea gardens of Yorkshire are located. Since it has the perfect climate for tea, it ensures that each tea bag has that strong malty flavor that has become its trademark.

Yorkshire Gold uses only the best from the Camellia Sinensis plant – the first two leaves and a bud. They are then spread out in troughs in order to ‘wither’ and remove any trace of moisture. Afterwards, they are cut, rolled and left exposed to the air in order to ‘ferment’. This process would turn the leaves from green to brown. It would be fired in hot ovens which would turn the tea to black, therefore, stopping the oxidation. When the leaves are sealed, they are shipped all the way back to Yorkshire.

Tried and Tested Teas

Yorkshire Gold Tea recipe is an industry secret but it is a known fact that they make the finest brew to capture the target market they aim for. All Yorkshire gold tea bags are a reflection of the company’s belief “Quality in, quality out”. That is why you always get that luxurious cup of bright and smooth flavor, soothing and malty enough to satisfy all your senses.

At Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate, they have an excellent tea buying team that tastes every single one of the tea to analyze and judge its flavor, aroma and quality. Their carefully trained palates are necessary in order to ensure that each bag would pass the standard requirements of the company. And since they don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of each tea, you can be sure that you will taste with every sip you make. No wonder the Yorkshire Gold Tea is the best ever brew you can experience.

Eight Times Tasted

Do you know that every Yorkshire Gold Tea has been tasted eight times already? Quite an obsession with quality control you might say. But that is exactly the point. From harvest to post production, that tea bag has already been used to make a satisfying cuppa which the tasters happily slurp away using special spoons. Now, you can sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy your brew – knowing that a handful of people already gave two-thumbs up for its taste and quality.

Traditional Through and Through

It is not just the tradition for fine quality that the company is trying to preserve from the moment it started producing Yorkshire Gold Tea bags. Its serious consideration for great quality does not only show in the flavor inside the bag but also the bag as well. Sticking with the traditional square tea bags is something that the company wants to emphasize – not because they abhor the teabag fads out there but because they want to ensure that it’s the great flavor that would stand out every time you dip that bag to your cuppa.

Yorkshire Trademark Packaging

There might be other high quality teas in the market that would come close to what Yorkshire Gold Tea has to offer but when it comes to its responsible packaging mantra, it reigns supreme. The boxes have the seal of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – a not-for-profit organization that is actively involved in responsible forest management. The FSC ensures that every wood that is harvested would not harm the ecological process, productivity and biodiversity of the forests where it came from. All the steps in the box production of Yorkshire tea is in line with the standards set by the FSC.

Tremendously Satisfying

Yorkshire Gold Tea is somewhat put on a pedestal by tea lovers. And why not? This robust black tea has that silky smoothness that does not require the assistance of milk or sugar, in the first place. But even when combine with either one, the combination is utterly divine.

If you want to get your sleepy eyes open during those foggy mornings, Yorkshire gold – with its hints of earth, cedar and fruity goodness – will do the job. The focused flavor, together with the savory smoothness of this Yorkshire tea is what makes it a breakfast staple for both busy professionals and stay-at-home folks.

 A Yorkshire Tea Tradition

Everyone has their own way of doing things, like brewing teas. But the expert tea buyers reveal the secret to making a proper pot of Yorkshire tea.

  • When you fill your pot with tap water, make sure it is nicely aerated.
  • By using water only boiled once, it ensures that there is enough level of oxygen that will prevent your tea from getting a ‘flat’ taste.
  • Use two teabags for a four-cup pot.
  • The length of brewing depends on how strong you want your tea to be.
  • For milk lovers, opt for semi-skimmed. You can also use whole milk if you can’t stay away from it.
  • Make sure your teabag is in your cup as you pour freshly boiled water to infuse the flavor better.

Keeping up with the traditions is not really the issue. But there’s a reasonable explanation why making tea in a teapot is the best way to do it. Other than keeping one of the greatest traditions in Britain alive, you can get the best taste out of your Yorkshire Gold Tea by doing so. No wonder the family members of the company were a bit obsessed about teapots. They have a growing collection that ranges from costing a couple of pounds to extremely valuable. Some have the odd chip while others are decidedly unusual.

Yorkshire Gold Tea in the Modern World

Its 2007 TV campaign featured the voice of Bill Nighy with the caption “Try It, You’ll See”. Even on Twitter, this liquid gold is gaining popularity with Martha Reeves holding Yorkshire Tea paraphernalia and Russell Crowe posting something about it.

Yorkshire Gold Tea is no stranger even to the small screen. It made a cameo appearance on ‘Friends’. In the popular TV series Homeland, Yorkshire Gold Tea is mentioned as a favorite beverage of the protagonist Sergeant Nicholas Brody. Among the celebrities who rave about it are Alan Carr and Noel Gallagher. With its full-bodied flavorsome taste, it would be no wonder if more and more significant individuals and even mere mortals like us would be intoxicated by this luxurious tea brand.